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August 21, 2006



I'd like to know the price. Your blog has a post that states the standard 1GB version is free, this page (http://YourNameHere.amiglia.com/a/default.cfm?a=SignIn) says it is free during the beta period (is that over?) and the signup page off the home page says it is $49 per year.

Before I invite any family or friends, I want to know the price. I know some won't bother if there isn't a free option.

Can you shed some light on this? I am confused!

Milena Berry

Daren, thanks for asking. Amiglia is $49.95 per year with a 30 days free trial. We give you those 30 days so that you see whether you like our product or not. We've gotten many happy customer emails and we think it's worth it and hope you think it's worth it too. And yes - Beta is over now - sorry.

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