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March 19, 2006


Sue J

Front page Family Tree ... I think you need to expand that tree if at all possible. There needs to be some explanation that one can travel around the family tree by putting one's mouse on it. Otherwise, that little 2 person tree is not very interesting. I don't think I would hang around to figure things out based on that image.

Re uploading Flickr photos ... I really think that an option to upload Flickr photos by tag as well as by set would be outstanding. My family sets contain so many non-people related photos but the tags on them would import only people! Of course, I have basically decided to start another set entitled ... you guessed it, Amiglia ... just for the purpose of importing photos to this app. Once uploaded, I would just remove them from the Amiglia set. In this manner, I can more easily control which photos I import.

Looking good so far! Thanks!!!

Sue Jacobson

Paul and Milena

Hey Sue, we just added some explanatory text to the homepage, you were right on about this one. We're looking at the Flickr improvements through the day today, more updates should come by the evening. Thanks for the feedback!

Paul and Milena

Many of you may have caught up with that already - we did a separate post on it, but we just wanted to say that Flickr import is now possible both by Set and by Tag. Thanks for the suggestion Sue!

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